EMT/NREMT Skills Verification: Call 831-601-2494 for Appointment

The EMT Skills Validation course does not provide skills training and is only designed to evaluate competency in EMT Skills. (Medics For Life, Inc., also provides an EMT Skills Training course that can be completed prior to taking the EMT Skills Validation course) Our course meets the State of California Skills Testing Requirements for EMTs to recertify and the National Registry for EMTs (NREMT) skills requirements. Audience: Medics for Life, Inc. offers EMT Skills Verification for: 1. EMT's who are recertifying: every two years in addition to the required continuing education hours EMT's must complete skills verification. 2. EMT's who have not taken or passed the NREMT written within 12 months of course completion date; are required to submit a skills verification form to the NREMT before they are able register for the NREMT

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